Health Freedom Florida (HFF) was created to protect our access to and preserve our freedoms in regards to the healthcare of our choice. We are a concerned group of citizens, professionals, and families in Florida interested in preserving Florida’s health freedoms. Powerful forces are at work to limit what your favorite health practitioners can do, as well as the supplements and healing approaches they can offer. Special interests are attempting to limit your ability to make healthcare decisions for yourself and your own children. In addition, a safe, clean food supply is no longer something we can take for granted. Making healthy choices is becoming increasingly difficult. That’s why HFF is important.


We believe that each person, parent, or guardian should be free to choose how to get and stay well. We are committed to promote and preserve for the people of Florida the following:

  • Develop state laws, statutes, and codes that honor our inalienable human right to self-determination in all aspects of our own and our children’s health.
  • Empower the citizens of Florida by advocating understanding of the laws and factors impacting their right to access.
  • Protect practitioners’ right to practice.
  • The right to access the healing and healthcare treatment, information, and services of their choice for their family’s health and survival.

Freedom From the Intentional Contamination of Our Food, Air, & Water

The freedom to choose healthful and uncontaminated food is a fundamental human right. Access to clean water and whole real food is essential to our health and wellbeing. HFF supports policies and food systems that promote food security and preserve small agriculture in our state. The freedom to select whole, real food, free of GMOs and pesticides, as well as the right to know what additives, antibiotics, or other contaminants are contained in our food, are rights that belong to all Floridians.

Access to Holistic Healthcare

It is estimated that 70% of American adults over 50 use holistic healthcare. HFF promotes access to all forms of holistic healthcare, including but not limited too: nutritional supplements, chiropractic medicine, homeopathy, acupuncture and Chinese medicine, naturopathic medicine, Ayurveda, herbal medicine, massage therapy, midwifery, aromatherapy, yoga, meditation, pilates, and more. We oppose any efforts to limit access to holistic approaches to wellbeing.

Informed Consent & Vaccine Choice

HFF supports the human right of informed consent. As recognized by federal law, vaccines carry the risk of injury and death, as do other pharmaceutical products. Vaccine science is flawed and incomplete, and fundamental questions regarding vaccine safety remain unanswered. Surprisingly, the current vaccine schedule has never been proven safe in controlled, clinical trials. We support the preservation of vaccine exemption rights, and oppose vaccine coercion, elimination of exemptions, or any other policy that violates parental rights or human rights regarding bodily integrity.


Healthcare Crisis

America’s healthcare system is failing. For the first time in our history, children are at risk of being outlived by their parents - and may, on average, live less healthy and shorter lives. More than half of American school children have a chronic illness or neuro-developmental disability. Our own medical system is a leading cause of death. Skyrocketing costs offer little value and make regular care impossible for many individuals and families. By protecting and expanding access to holistic forms of healthcare, we not only drive the costs of medical care down, we promote true health and well being.


This is why HFF is committed to increasing access to and preserving our choice in all decisions related to our own bodies. Health freedom is a critical component of healthcare reform.




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